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   Tips are great, but with iTipYa, you also get to connect with your audience, and grow your fan base!

   No matter what your art is, people can tip you from their mobile devices. No apps needed, all web based!

   Just print your iTipYa QR code & display it in a prominent place. Tippers scan it and leave a tip & a message electronically. If they don't know how to use QR codes, they can also find you by name or tip code.

   Tippers can share your tip page with others on social media.

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Ideas on How to use iTipYa

Setup your profile page, get your unique URL , QR Code, and iTipYa Tip ID (the later can be scribbled down on a piece of paper).

Tippers can scan your QR code, or enter your unique tip id on our site, they will be taken to your tip page.

Each tip can go viral, as the tipper can share the URL on social media.

Tippers can leave a message when they tip you

Tippers can elect to let you see their email and name, so you can grow your fan list.

Put your QR Code on a shirt

Download your QR code from your iTipYa dashboard and make a shirt.

Put your QR Code on a card

Download your QR code from your iTipYa dashboard and make a card.

Just write down your tip code

Simply write down your iTipYa Tip ID and tell folks to use the "leave a tip" link on this page.